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Pingo Adventure is a cute 3D platformer in a physics simulated world with jiggly plants, bouncy bridge, springy rope etc.

Explore the adorable & interactive 3D world from rainforest, ancient ruins to dungeon filled with hot lava and solving puzzles designed for the physics simulated environment.

But that’s not all, there are mini games in between the platforming level which can be unlocked and played in the “arcade mode”.

And don’t forget to customize your own Pingo with all the costumes that can be unlocked from the adventures.


Physics Simulation - Immerse in the physics simulated cute world with jiggly plants, bouncy bridge, springy rope and more...

Puzzles - solving puzzles designed for the physics simulated environment

Mini Games - Collect replayable mini games from adventures

Camera Mode - Capture the cute moments of your adventures from different angles

Character Customization - Customize your own Pingo with various costumes that you can unlock from the adventures

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I cant wait for the game realese!!

i wanna to play in this game


this is a great great hard work

Thank you!